Going Greek…

Going Greek has nothing to do with animal house frat parties, rush week or pledging..well at least to this dietitian. The Greeks I’m referring to are the creamy, protein-packed yogurts that satisfy both appetite and taste buds. The latest food trend in the U.S.,  greek yogurts  are lower in sugar and higher in protein than many of their non-greek cousins. The plain non-fat varieties are great to use in cooking, as a substitute for sour cream in your favorite dip recipe, or eaten alone topped with fresh berries, nuts and honey. 

Greek yogurt also comes in a variety of flavors.  My latest greek crush? Trader Joe’s Greek Style Apricot Mango yogurt, a subtle apricot flavor with bursts of mango tropical goodness that have my tastebuds craving more. Divide the 8oz container into two servings for a reasonable 150kcal, 6.5g protein treat.

“Rush” into your grocery store to go greek this week.

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